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Box 1914, 47 Main St. Bisbee, AZ 85603 USA
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Grant Sergot on location in Ecuador while filming the feature documentary "MADE IN ECUADOR" The Panama Hat Story, which is in final edit and will be released later this year.

You will find a trailer link of this documentary in our media kit. 

Here's Grant Sergot, owner of Óptimo Hatworks,
with Alice,  Belle of the
Bisbee Blues Fest.
Alice's custom-designed hat was special-ordered by her owners, Kathy and Deb, of
Finders Keepers Antiques and Collectibles
(Thank you, Uncle Grant.)



  Owner Grant Sergot with daughter, Dhanté.

Grant is wearing one of the popular

Tom Mix styles.






Overland Journal Web Site

 Dear Grant,

It was so nice to meet you Tuesday this past week!

I'll call Monday, but just wanted to drop a note to say hello - we had a wonderful little Bisbee getaway, and I have to say it's always a tonic.

Bisbee residents are always so friendly and welcoming, it's a salve to the soul!

I posted about the trip on my blog, which feeds several Facebook pages for my business work - a little plug for your shop snuck its way in :-)

Thanks again, and I look forward to chatting,

Roseann Hanson


Roseann Hanson director of Overland Expo 2010 Amado, Az. with her husband Jonathon owner editor of Overland Journal Magazine.

"The Optimo hats I wore at Overland Expo 2010 provided the perfect blend of comfort, shade, and coolness in the mid-April weather. I love hats, and these simply are the best."


Next year's Overland Expo -- Click on this Link



Dear Grant,


I have owned 5 or more optimo hats! This is one of my favorites!









I bought it over 15 years ago! I still wear it and get many compliments!









I love that my hats get altered to fit my head and face!









Viva Optimo Hats!








                                          Vanesa Serrano



Mitch Sayare, owner

Sunglow Ranch


Dear Grant,

I was never a "hat guy." Even as a child I avoided hats. My mother always warned me that I'd catch pneumonia, but I just didn't like the feel of them. 

But all that changed when I met you and Optimo Hat-Works. The hat you prepared for my wedding has made all the difference. I wear it as often as I can and probably at inappropriate venues. But I love it. Thanks for taking the time and effort to make it a part of my life.





We were in your shop Friday. We would like to thank you again for your time and service while fitting Wendi Ohlson with a fantastic fedora. She is a dear friend, she deserves the best..

Just as hat making may be a rare art, your high standards in customer care are rarely found  in this world today.

Thank You

Ralph & Angela Alter




Brent Mortensen

I've worn hats most of my life.

But it took until I'm 57 to earn myself such a fine roof.  Thank you, Grant.



 Margo Wollenburg, Realtor

I never fail to receive compliments on this custom hat Grant conjured up for me to match my French gabardine coat.



 S. Grant Sergot is a world class artist of the highest caliber who uses straw and felt as his chosen medium.  

He weaves the love of his craft into every hat he creates which ultimately enhances the appearance, attitude and spirit of the wearer.

Charles Osako of San Francisco




 Dear Grant,

Here are two of my 4 Optimo hats, the latest on the left, and one my Dad bought me on the right. As you can see, Wearing these hats makes me feel downright happy, sexy, and confident. I have been passionate about hats since I was a little girl, and from the first time my Dad brought me to Bisbee to buy me a hat, I fell in love with Optimo!  Thank you for your amazing work, your excellence, your passion, and for maintaining the best milliners ever! Thank you to Sylvia for her passion and help and expertise. I wish you all the best and hope to make Optimo a yearly pilgrimage. Can't wait to see the Montecristi for my friend.

all the best,
Lavinia Magliocco



I am very particular about my hats. I want original style and I want quality.
That's why I exclusively use Optimo Hats in Bisbee.
Bob Boze Bell
Executive Editor
True West Magazine


The Big Bunny is happy!

Mark Marrero, Owner/Publisher AZ Collector's Guide 520.982.6200



 Peter Herrmann
Author of the novel, Borderline Dead.

"They say it's the hat that makes the man. 

If your hat is from Grant at Optimo Hatworks, it's the truth."



Ingrid Schindler travel writer "Prestige Magazine"


Chuck in Element Hat

Chuck in Optimo Beaver Hat

 "Óptimo is the best damn hat maker in the southwest, period...I wear my beaver hat and classic Panama on all my world travels and they always get attention. Grant and his staff make a perfect fit so the hat sits just right on my head and comfortable to wear all day." 

Charles Feil from



"Good Anywhere.  Good any Sunny Spot.
Now if I only had a horse named Tony!"
--- Janice Peverly



Hi Grant,

 Here is that picture we promised.  We love our hats and enjoyed viewing everyone's testimonials about theirs.

 All the best,

Bonnie & Micha Koeppel


It's fun seeing my hat in the making on your web site.  I'm really enjoying it and get compliments every time I wear it.

It feels great and is a joy to wear.  Thanks so much.  ~~ Sheriff Melvin Sanders



Noah in production stages for film

Noah in character!

 Noah Dyer, Web Programmer

 "I really enjoy dressing up, and have a particular fetish for fine hats.  Vests, cufflinks, and bow ties don't feel complete without the crown of a custom dress hat.  Every time I put one on I get compliments from lay people and true hat aficionados alike.  Grant and his staff make finding and fitting a hat a comprehensive, educational, and most importantly a truly fun experience."


Lynette is the proud and talented owner of Our Lady of Rubber stamps. 

You can view some of her fine work at Acacia on Main Street in Bisbee, AZ.


Rick Dunbar


Sue Dunbar


Sally Brock

Bisbee Artist, former owner of TWIST Gallery


I presently own three of Optimo's hats as you can see in the pictures. The first words that come to me are stunning, comfortable, and protective. When i wear my hats people do a double take and ask, "Where did you get that hat?" Thanks Grant!

Sylvia Morrell


Grant, my hat in a vineyard. The Maya hatband is temporary but colorful.  The hat is much better for the winery scene than the fedora style.

Thanks! Good job with the remodeling.

 Jim Preston



Within ten minutes of buying my hat, a good looking lady (stranger) stopped me and said, "that hat looks terrific on you." If my wife would of been with me, there's no telling where my hat would of taken me (just kidding dear). But this did really did happen! As for Grant and Óptimo, it is such a rare pleasure to meet a retailer who intimately knows and cares for his product. My experience has been outstanding and I can't imagine that yours will be different.
Warren Swim, Sahuarita, Arizona

Several weeks ago you returned my hat to me after your restored it -WELL DONE!!! My hat is as good a new and looks great. I really appreciate your effort to return an excellent hat to its orignal condition. Please feel free to tell people that the Mayor of Carefree proudly wears one of your hats.
Mayor David Schwan
Town of Carefree
480 488-3686

Grant- It did not take long to take a pix of me wearing my new hat (15 min.) Now I am "styling" and am now as tall as my wife!  I will wear it in good health, every chance I can!

I know I will get compliments in WI and will refer my friends to you. Thank You (I deserve this hat!)             Keith Knop



Charlie's Hat #1

Charlie's Hat #2

Charlie's Hat #3

Closer View of Hat #2

Charlie's Hat #4

Charlie's Hat #5

Charlie's Hat #6


Charlie's Hat #7

Charlie's Hat #8


Charlie's Hat #9


Charlie's Hat #10

  Charlie Gahn of Bisbee, AZ 

 Realtor-Associate for Bisbee Re-Max

Charlie and his lovely wife, Gayle



David Maren from Gainesville, Florida, wearing his Óptimo "swamp hat" and his new Beaver Felt Hat

I received David's hat this morning, and gave it to him early. Our freezing temperatures make the gift particularly compelling at this point. This is a beautiful hat, and its significance was obvious to David when he first put it on his head. Its black leather hat band and concho are as exquisite as you described, more understated and attractive than I imagined. What a great hat! I've recommended that David give you a call so you can let him know what kind of weather a beaver felt hat can tolerate. We're dancing around utterly euphoric to have this fine hat in our possession. Not only is it great to hear your own confidence with respect to hat technology, Grant, it is an honor to become proud owners of hats that you have expertly customized and styled.

Thanks again. We look forward to exploring the desert with you when we find ourselves again in Bisbee .

Best to you,

Nita Garland



First, I’m so psyched! I "finally" found my much sought-after perfect hat! It's a custom-made Fedora styled hat that was designed and handcrafted by Optimo Hatworks in Bisbee, AZ. It’s indisputably the most comfortable hat that I’ve ever worn; I absolutely love it! It’s also worth mentioning that my wife really likes the way it looks on me too.

They were extremely helpful and presented a plethora of options. They offered relaxed expert assistance and their suggestions as well as took the time and patience to measure my head size by using a vintage conformer to ensure a perfect customized fit. In addition, I was provided with the opportunity to try on several different styles of hats; this can be dangerous because you’ll want them too!

Lastly, and most noteworthy, Grant has a variety of beautifully crafted, high-quality, handsome hats in a no pressure and very friendly and gracious atmosphere. If you’re looking for something specific and expect nothing less than superior craftsmanship, I can proudly recommend a personalized hat from Optimo Custom Hatworks!

Alex Burden, Sierra Vista, AZ

Stewart told us a great "hat story" about the time he was standing in a long line waiting to check in at a Vegas hotel.

Suddenly a clerk opened up an extra window and waved him over.  It turns out the clerk was getting off his shift,

but he just had to see the hat Stewart was wearing, close up.

Of course, the hat that earned this special privilege was from Óptimo!

Stewart Hollingsworth

Tucson, AZ





Your hat makes me feel complete.  It gives definition to my quest and philosophy of the "Good Life".



" Thanks I Love the hat ."




 As you predicted four years ago, this Panama hat has been a terrific investment and the open weave is great for our hot Austin summers.

It's still a perfect fit and in great condition.

Edmund S. Twining III
Grandfather Brown
Rosa Sotela
Karl Samson
Frommer's travel writer & photographer
  Marylin Halonan
Charlene Mitchell
Joseph Berglas
Tom Ryan
Nicholas Teetelli
Maple Tech, custom software design
Sharra  Haynes
                                                 Gracie Chemin                                                    Óptimo owner, Grant Sergot, poses with Gracie
Good afternoon Mr. Sergot.  I bought a hat with you last month.  I am in Brazil now.  Everybody liked so much my
hat.  My family too.  I am sending pictures that you ask me...Thank you very much.  Gracie
You have me covered in style, Grant...Winter and Summer!     Jimmy Stewart










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Box 1914, 47 Main St. Bisbee, AZ 85603 USA
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